Exploring the Craft Beer Cocktail Movement

A beer expert mixes it up with some unique beer cocktails

There are a lot of boozy movements out there these days. You've got your craft cocktail movement, your craft beer movement and your craft beer cocktail movement. Wait, what was that last one? You heard me right! And we're talking about much more than a michelada.

At the forefront of this movement, which has gained a lot of momentum of late, is my friend and fellow beer blogger, Ashley Routson — she's known as the Beer Wench by most. As she tells it, beer cocktails have become what they are today because of the the intersection of the craft beer movement and the craft cocktail movement.

"The foundation, the reason for [the craft beer movement's] evolution and rapid growth has been and continues to be innovation," Ashley said. "Mixing beer into craft cocktails only seems like the next logical step on the path of brewing innovation."

I'm game! So, I asked Ashley to share some of her favorite beer cocktail recipes with me. She did and I gave them a whirl — in my own special way. My husband and a friend acted as my unbiased judges.

Click here to find the Dark and Stoutly, the Liquid Pie, and more craft beer cocktails. 

— Clare Goggin Sivits, Snooth