Explore Sea Coves in Style With Italian-Made Jet Capsule


The Jet Capsule looks like a little toy car on the water and I want one. Sure, they can be customized in several ways, from an armored or emergency capsule to a party or taxi capsule, but I just want one to play with. Having initially been conceived back in 2009, the pod-like design now is sleek and fun, offering the public a new way to speed across the water. Maybe you already have a luxury yacht but want something a little cooler than a dingy to get you to the shoreline or you just want something small to explore coves in — all without having to pay the big bucks.

The Jet Capsule can fit seven people, and features a transformable bed if you want to take a nap out on the sea. With photochromic windows (which respond to changes in light, giving more shade when the sun is especially bright), a personal sunbathing platform on top, and customizable power (from 120Hp to 800Hp) with a hydro jet propulsion system, this mini yacht pod is a great way to spend a sunny afternoon.

Able to reach a top speed range from 20 to 50 knots, you can customize how you want the interior to look based on what you'll be using it for. The "A Spec" layout is essentially an empty shell, allowing you to use a designer and architect to do with it what you want, while the "B Spec" is for comfort and gives you two large side sofas that can be made into a triple bed. The "C Spec" is good for transporting six to nine passengers, with seats lining the sides, and the "D Spec" includes a kitchen, bathroom, and a sofa that turns into a double bed.

There are many different color combinations available for the interior (I like the grey/red option) and interior flooring. Once you figure the look out, you then choose what type of engine you want, single or dual, petrol or diesel — if you want the most speed at 50 knots, go with the dual petrol 350hp. Other options include a custom paint job, a full carbon fiber shell, a diving package, custom leather interiors, underwater lights, different electronics, and even bulletproof glass.

For pricing you have to contact the company, but they promise it will be cheaper than other water craft alternatives — perfect for your next luxury water toy!