Exclusive 10 Member-Only Club & Ferrari F430 GT Ownership at LV's Motor Speedway


The all-inclusive driving experience, Dream Racing at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, has launched an elite ownership club for only 10 lucky individuals. Calling it a ‘superpower society,’ the club will give members two-year access to exclusive racing experiences in addition to ownership of the Ferrari F430 GT they’ll be using during their term.

Designed to professional race specifications, the 1.1 mile track offers low, medium and high speed corners along with a 120-miles-per-hour straight. With 130 dates to choose from, drivers will get to choose fifteen track days per year and a personal instruction and pit crew is provided each race day.

Elite club members will receive custom gear like gloves and shoes, a fireproof racing suit and a painted helmet. If you’re looking to take the curves of other speedways, membership offers shipment to those locations. During your Vegas visit, a personal concierge can assist with whatever requests you may have.


Now onto the goods, your Ferrari F430 GT. This car is said to be so powerful that it is not legal to drive on the streets. As a member you get to fully customize it as well which includes giving it a name, number, and choosing your favorite seat. The sports car also has superior aerodynamics with the rear wing, rear diffuser and front splitter all helping to increase more grip under high speed cornering and acceleration and more down force for faster speeds.

Because tires are available for both wet and dry conditions, giving the best performance over longevity, they’ll always provide maximum grip ability. Boasting F1 automatic clutch paddle shifts, a high-performance V8 engine and 512 HP at 8500 RPM, this magnificent piece of machinery also includes an optimized air intake, an enhanced exhaust system and a racing ECU.

The racing team is made up of accomplished drivers like the more than 25-year veteran Enrico Bertaggia whose accolades include being an Italian Formula 3 Champion, and won both the Formula 3 race in Monte Carlo and the Formula 3 Championship in Macau in the same year. Bertaggia was also a former course director for the official Ferrari driving school. Joining Bertaggia is Adriano De Micheli who has professionally raced for ten years in more than 100 races, winning multiple Italian championships including il Campionato Italiano Turismo and il Campionato Italiano Suoeroriduzione. He has previously worked at the official Ferrari, Maserati and Alfa Romeo driving schools.


Membership starts at $400,000 and individuals receive insurance, complete car maintenance, full car warranty including spare parts and labor for two years and vehicle storage among other perks.