Excalibur Hotel & Casino

Hotel, Casino, Resort
3850 South Las Vegas Boulevard (at W Tropicana Ave)
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 597-7777


  • The record for biggest jackpot at $37.9 million was set here in 2003.
  • Watch out for hotel staff agressively pushing timeshares.
  • Check out Dick's Last Resort! Servers and bartenders with attitude and a lot of fun!
  • The shower water pressure is so weak!
  • Keep your eyes open for pesky sales staff on the floor offering free shows/activities. They're really just pushing timeshare presentations/sales. Unless you're into those kinds of things.
  • Caution when first entering the hotel, it reeks of cheap carpet deodorizer
  • Your kids are not gonna have as much fun in Vegas as you. Stop being selfish pretending they are. Take the poor bastards to Disneyland sometime.
  • This place is dirty, smelly and the staff members are rude. Two thumbs down. Ur better off in another hotel
  • If you want to avoid the timeshare people give them a thumbs up when they approach you. That's the "sign" for having already done it. They won't say another word to you!
  • Smell from all the smokers is enough to choke a horse. Disgusting.
  • Buffet was horrible.
  • Don't go broke
  • Any of you girls visiting las vegas nee to see this show. The thunder from down under will not disappoint.
  • Tournament of Kings is entertaining
  • FREE GAMING LESSONS! Learn blackjack, craps androulette from one of our friendly dealers! 11 a.m. & 7 p.m.Daily. See any dealer for information.
  • Try to avoid this hotel. Parking is bad. Rooms need renovation. No wifi.
  • Definately check out Dick's Las Resort. Servers and bartenders with attitude. Good beer, great food and me performing magic while bartending.
  • You will feel like you are living the legends here. Elegant rooms and limitless fun is waiting for you!
  • Def upgrade your room! Choose Tower 2 , great views, next to the pool and spa.
  • I Fairy Tale Castles!! Excalibur= It's A Small World On A GIANT Protein Shake!! =)

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