Ex-NASA and Apple Engineer Makes $11,000 Coffee Machine

This controlled-temperature machine brews each cup perfectly

The Blossom One Limited coffee machine may cost you a pretty penny, but the founder says it's worth it for the perfect cup.

Nothing says coffee snob like a coffee machine that costs the equivalent of a car, but no matter: we're totally digging it. The Blossom One Limited coffee machine has every coffee-loving techie buzzed about the newest innovation in brewing. 

What makes the Blossom One Limited machine so unique, ABC News reports, is that it's able to measure the liquid's temperature while brewing, guaranteeing the "perfect" cup each time. As Dan Siefert on The Verge explains, "Temperature, along with pressure and the ratio of coffee to water, is one of the key factors in brewing coffee. Cheap coffee makers, like the ones you find on the department store shelf, generally don’t get water hot enough for a proper 'extraction' (what coffee nerds call brewing), and therefore produce an inferior cup of joe." But with the Blossom One, the person behind the machine has complete control of the temperature valves while brewing. 

That's not all the machine has to offer, though: in addition to steel and mahogany accents, the machine also comes loaded with Wi-Fi capability and a QR scanner. 

ABC News reports the brains behind the machine are in fact huge brainiacs — an MIT graduate, founder and president Jeremy Kempel used to work at NASA and Apple before working on the Blossom One. He told ABC News that the idea came having one too many cups of bad coffee, all brewed from the same coffee bean. That's when Kempel began to focus on the temperature of coffee for the new machine. 

$11,000 is a large price tag, but Kempel says coffee shops, restaurants, and even private individuals are looking to shell out for the machine. Check out Kempel's appearance on Good Morning America to learn more about the machine.