E.T. Adventure

Theme Park
Woody Woodpecker's KidZone (Universal Studios Florida)
Orlando, FL 32819
(407) 363-8000


  • The only original Universal Studios ride left. Leave it alone!
  • Apparently it's a big hassle to get " The Former Supreme Lord of McAwesomeville Kim Jung Il" on your passport.
  • Don't miss a chance to ride your bicycle with E.T. in your basket. :-)
  • This ride stops and leaves you stranded on the green planet
  • use a funny name so E.T can say it at the end! so much better than using your real name!
  • If youre not comfortable riding the bicycle ride vehicle, ask to sit in one of the more comfortable gondola ride vehicles.
  • just like on Disaster! and Jaws, the left side is the best side.
  • Slow down and admire the smell and immersive queue.
  • The smell of this ride is amazing, I dunno what it is, but you'll always know you're on E.T. when you smell it xD
  • Go right at the fork. Most people don't so you get a speedier ride!
  • Always fun making up ridiculous names for E.T. To say.
  • Great ride for kids and adults.
  • Such a great classic attraction.
  • This ride smells good
  • Watch the intro video... ever notice how Spielberg's audio isn't sync'ed with his lips? My OCD notices it every time
  • Eat mushrooms then get in line...
  • Sit at the front of the bike...
  • SAVE E.T.!
  • Welcome Home, You've arrived!
  • The cop driving the car right before you fly over the city looks like Michael Jackson.

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