Espresso Royale Cafe

Coffee Shop
411 14th Ave SE (at 4th St SE)
Minneapolis, MN 55414
(612) 623-8127
6:30am - 11:59pm
6:30am - 11:59pm
6:30am - 11:59pm
6:30am - 11:59pm
6:30am - 11:59pm
8:00am - 11:59pm
8:00am - 11:59pm



  • Now an old standby, Espresso Royale was just opened when I left regular trips to Dinkytown in the late '80s. Good coffee, quiet, studious crowd.
  • Very geeky place. Perfect for school work or to read a book. Hungry? Try the Med cuisine place (Wally's) next door!
  • Drink the Chai Latte, it's pretty bueno.
  • Sit and do homework for 10+ in a row and spend over $10 on coffee. Bonus points: Stake out the best seat closest to an outlet and pounce on the spot as soon as it becomes open.
  • Staff is usually awesome, except the punk girl with the hipster ear stretch rings. She's snotty to anyone she presumes "normal."
  • Huge selection of teas! Their seasonal menus are phenom as well
  • I live for the yogurt zucchini cranberry muffins.
  • one of few coffee shops open until midnight
  • Bring your own mug and save $.50!
  • Some of the most friendly staff ever! Great atmosphere as well
  • Serious chocolate lover? Try the Cacao Royale.
  • Try the half-dippe cookie!
  • Raspberry mocha. nice mix of sweet and bitter.
  • Wireless password changed to: noneofyourbusiness
  • Great selection of loose leaf teas
  • Great place to study with plenty of power outlets, power strips, and extension cords.
  • It's not my preferred place to study, but a good one all the same. WiFi, good coffee, and good atmosphere!
  • Fantastic place. Cozy, never too crowded but always a crowd. Baristas are great. Don't forget to tip!
  • Great place to hang out and study with a cup of tea or cocoa.
  • This just in: Espresso Royale gas recently partnered up with someone who sells books and now they are a bookstore with a very unique selection!

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