Eric Ripert Teaches Elizabeth Olsen to Make Wild Boar

Staff Writer
In the latest episode of 'On the Table,' the indie darling talks 'Full House' and lamb kabobs
Eric Ripert and Elizabeth Olsen
YouTube/Reserve Channel

When Anthony Bourdain appeared on the debut of Eric Ripert's On the Table, we figured our friends-jealousy was complete. Then, cool indie darling Elizabeth Olsen showed up on the latest episode, and now we just want to be bffs. Seriously.

Elizabeth Olsen (you may know her from Martha Marcy May Marlene, or Liberal Arts, or as the younger sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) gets schooled on wild boar, makes some tequila and Sriracha cocktails with Ripert, and talks about growing up with acting sisters and choosing between acting and ballet at age 10. There's talk of the Full House set, studying in Russia, her recent graduation from NYU (congrats, girl!), and some new cooking techniques. "I have always wanted to go hunting," Olsen says at the beginning, but unfortunately there's no hunting involved. The next step for Olsen, we imagine, would be guest-fishing on Hooked Up with Tom Colicchio. And maybe from there, actual hunting?


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