Bazooka Bubblegum Gets a Makeover and More News

In today's Media Mix, Mitt Romney's dad got free McDonald's, plus mayoral candidates back fast-food workers strike

The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news from the food world.

Chefs and Personalities
Eric Ripert is taking his name off Westend Bistro in Washington, D.C., but plans more restaurants in New York. There will only be one Le Bernardin, however. [Washington Post]

Hostess is auctioning off their major brands, but they still plan to give executives bonuses. [AP]

Somehow, it came to light that Mitt Romney's father has a card that gets him free McDonald's for life. We're not quite sure what to make of that, either. [Gawker]

Fast Food Strike
Top mayoral candidates, especially from the Democratic party, are all backing the fast-food worker strike in New York City. [Politico]

A little piece of nostalgia is soon to be gone; Bazooka bubblegum is getting a makeover. [NY Times]

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