The Year in Entertain 2012 Slideshow

Meet Beyonce, the World’s Most Beautiful Woman and Her Favorite Foods

All of you really love Beyonce—a lot. Right on the heels of People announcing B as the world's most beautiful woman, we rounded up her favorite eats and sips and the buzz was outrageous. 

Check out Meet Beyonce, the World’s Most Beautiful Woman and Her Favorite Foods

10 Tips for Hosting the Perfect Dessert Party

If you ask us, we think our readers have a serious sweet tooth. Some of the most read stories of the year consisted of cakes, cupcakes, and more desserts. For you candy loving hosts, here's how to throw the ultimate dessert bash. 

Check out 10 Tips for Hosting the Perfect Dessert Party.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's Dinner Dates Around the World

It should come as no surprise that a story about the Biebs and his lady Selena Gomez and their adventures in dining was one of Entertain's most read stories of the year. Oh, young love. 

Check out Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's Dinner Dates Around the World

36 Things to Do With Candy Corn

Yep, 36 different things. From home decor to accessorizing  to brand new recipes. This Halloween inspired story was a big hit among readers and us here at The Daily Meal. 

Check out 26 Things to Do with Candy Corn.

25 Party Foods Worth Your Attention

We drooled then and we're still drooling over these stunning and not to mention, delicious party dishes from our favorite event planners, caterers, and chefs. 

Check out 25 Party Foods Worth Your Attention.

How to Host a TV Viewing Party

Jane Bruce

How sad we were to see Gossip Girl come to an end. To honor it well, we had to bid it adieu in style. We headed to the New York Palace Hotel to throw the best TV Viewing Party ever and we showed you how. XOXO. 

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Food Bars: The New Wedding Craze

Calling all brides and grooms! Take a cue from us, the biggest thing in weddings right now are food bars of all kinds. From popcorn and cereal to cookies and ice cream, all of you agreed with us as this story was a surefire hit on Pinterest and Facebook. 

Check out Food Bars: The New Wedding Craze 

Baking with Sarabeth Levine

Francesca Borgognone

For those of you who don't know Sarabeth's, you're missing out. The gourmet cafe and bakery brought to you by Sarabeth Levine is filled with fantastic fare and delightful confections. We caught up with Sarabeth and had the amazing opportunity of baking with her. 

Check out Baking with Sarabeth Levine

Top 25 Disney Moments

We're not going to lie. Though it was the highlight of our work year to revisit some of our favorite childhood movies like Aladdin and The Little Mermaid, pooling all of the best food moments was no easy task. We have to admit though, after creating an original list of 91, the top 25 moments are really the cream of the crop. 

Check out The Top 25 Disney Food Moments.

50 States, 50 Event Planners

When this piece was in the process of being researched, our Entertain Editor Francesca Borgognone had recently gotten engaged so the excitement factor went from zero to 360 very quickly. While she scoured the country for it's event miracle workers, she found some wedding inspiration of her own and some new friends!

Check out 50 States, 50 Event Planners.

Best of.. Dream Partying

The Daily Meal staff definitely knows how to dream. On a whim, we decided to think up the most outrageous, luxurious, and no-holds-barred bashes that we would throw if we had the means...and the nerve.

From Photo Editor, Jane Bruce's castle party with a Yankee pickup baseball game in the yard to Video Producer Ali Rosen's Bollywood bash featuring elephants and indulgent fare, you could just imagine what the rest looks like. 

Check out The Best of...Dream Parties.

21 Jaw-Dropping Wedding Cakes

It seems as though a simple wedding cake just won't do for our Daily Meal readers, so we scoured the internet and our favorite bakeries across the country to find the cakes that pushed the limits and went beyond our imaginations, inside out, and upside down—literally. 

Check out 21 Jaw-Dropping Wedding Cakes. 

How to Host a Fabulous New York Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Bash

Jane Bruce

What happens when your best friend gets engaged? You through the perfect bridal shower fit for a princess of course. Such was the case when Entertain Editor Francesca Borgognone played host to the new Mrs. Repetto's bridal festivities in none other than New York City. 

Check out How to Host a Fabulous New York Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Bash

8 Horrifying Wedding Cakes


We know you like cakes, but scary cakes, really? These spooky, tiered confections graced the tables of a few brides and grooms who wanted to go outside the box and get a little dark. 

Check out 8 Horrifying Wedding Cakes 

Registry Redux

You asked and we answered. For one week straight we went to the pros and asked what are the ideal pieces to register for as a bride and groom. From serve ware to equipment and everything in between—your kitchen will never be the same. 

Check out Registry Redux: The Roundup

Ladies and Gentlemen, Please Welcome the New Entertain Channel

What were you really excited about? Our makeover!

While we're hoping it's a compliment, the launch of our new homepage got all of you pretty giddy (us,too!) 

Check out the new digs here!