Watch: Little Boy Is Devastated to Find Out He’s at the Circus, Not a Broccoli Farm

Max, a little boy who was looking forward to a day of broccoli farming, is crushed when his parents pull up to the circus
Watch: Little Boy Is Devastated to Find Out He’s at the Circus, Not a Broccoli Farm


‘We can buy your broccoli at the store,’ Max’s dad offers. But it’s not enough. 

The parents of a four-year-old boy who told their son a little white lie — that he was about to visit a broccoli farm — heavily backfired on the couple when they arrived at the circus for a surprise trip, only to learn that their son had his heart set on seeing the farm.

In the video, a well-meaning dad opens the car door for his son, Max, to tell him, “So listen — we’re not at a broccoli farm.”

“Where are we?” Max asks with visible concern.

“We’re at the circus,” Max’s dad tells him, presumably anticipating a warm response. Instead, Max slumps over in his seat and laments, “Oh, I wanted to go to the broccoli farm.”

“Wait, Max. There’s elephants,” his dad says, trying again.

“Max, it’s the circus!” his mom chimes in.”

But Max, who had visions of green splendor, only gets more upset. “We just told you that so it could be a surprise,” his dad explains. “I thought you wanted to see elephants.”

“No, I didn’t,” Max says, on the verge of tears.

“We can buy you broccoli at the store,” says his bemused dad. “We’ll find out where a broccoli farm is; we’ll go there next time.”

Max, hit even harder with the realization that his dad never planned to take him to the broccoli farm, cries at the thought of what might have been.

Watch the sad moment where Max deals with his parents’ deception below: 

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