How to be a good houseguest

Don’t Break These Unspoken Rules as a Houseguest

It goes beyond just respect

There’s no ifs, ands or buts about it: Traveling can be expensive. And while there are plenty of ways to save money on a hotel, the easiest way to cut your travel budget is by staying with a friend or family member. But by being a houseguest, you miss out on certain luxuries of staying at a hotel. More importantly, there are tons of tiny things you need to do to be respectful to your gracious hosts.

Don’t Break These Unspoken Rules as a Houseguest Gallery


If you’re an infrequent houseguest, you may be unaware that there are certain rules you need to follow.
Sure, nearly everyone knows that you shouldn’t leave your dirty clothes on the floor, snoop in your host’s medicine cabinet or eat their fridge clean, but being a polite, friendly, and courteous houseguest requires a lot more than the bare minimum.

For instance, bringing along your own toiletries, being an open and honest communicator and offering a small, thoughtful gift are all must-dos for being a houseguest. (You may just not have known that yet. You’re welcome.) If you still want to learn more unspoken guidelines for being the best-ever guest, click here for 15 rules you absolutely should not break.