Toast of the Season: New Year’s Eve Party Tips to Make Your Gathering a Smashing Success

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Host a New Year’s Eve party with tips that will guarantee a happy New Year
New Year’s Eve Party Tips

Don’t miss these three key New Year’s Eve party tips!


It is the season to meet and mingle with a little jingle! Holiday fun and festivities will take us through to New Year’s Eve when we ring in 2015. Is it your turn to host the soirée? Here are a few tips that will make your New Year’s Eve party the hit of the holidays.

It is important to remember that a really fabulous New Year’s Eve party takes all of the senses into consideration. It is a feast of smells, taste, color, sounds, and aesthetics. When you marry all of these textures and tones, a complete experience is created that will live in the memories of those that join you in celebration at your splendid gathering.

Many people only focus on one or two of these sensory experiences while leaving out all the rest. Usually they zero in on what is in their “comfort zone” or what they are good at, leaving the rest up to happenstance. Take time to notice how you are incorporating all of the senses into your party to create a stellar ambience. Let’s look at three ways to do this:


The first thing that guests notice as the door opens is the smell (or smells) wafting from your home. If your strength is cooking, the delectable scent will beckon them in. However, if they are greeted by a lingering odor of hockey equipment or your furry friend, they might not want to stay. Take a moment to notice what smells are going to greet your guests. Try some subtlety scented candles (fresh linen, for example) if you want to be extra sure you home is stink-free.

Visual Presentation:

When sitting down at a table or standing in a buffet line, the visual presentation is as important as the mouth-watering tastes you and your guests anticipate. The presentation is the backdrop of the spread ahead. It is important to take into consideration both a feast for the eyes and for the palate.


Music can truly set the mood for any party. No matter what type of mood you hope to create, match the music to your ideal atmosphere. Prepare ahead and have a playlist ready to rock or swoon so that you can enjoy the ambience with your guests.

Hosting a successful soirée is truly in the details. Use these tips to enhance the overall experience for your guests at your celebration.  Taking into consideration all of the senses will help your holiday gathering be the toast of the season!

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