Tips for frequent fliers

Anthony Marcusa

Your dog might not love if you master being a frequent flier, but these tips will make it easier on you.

There are so many variables beyond your control when it comes to air travel -- from the airlines themselves to lines at security, and that's before considering weather conditions or who you may be sitting near on the plane.

However, for many, air travel is just a reality of daily life. And they know it's not enough to bring standard headphones; you need a durable pair that cancels out the chaos around you. 

We talked to someone who spends a significant amount of time in flight -- over 200,000 miles last year -- and we've compiled a list of the essential items needed to make every flight the most convenient, comfortable, and enjoyable possible.   

Security check 


Unfortunately, it's hard to know exactly how long airport security will take. For frequent travelers, CLEAR is a worthwhile investment. Using biometrics such as fingerprints and eyes, it quickly scans to confirm your identity instead of waiting in line for your ID to be checked. The service is affiliated with many major airports around the U.S. (and approved by Homeland Security), as well as many professional sports stadiums and rental car services.

For international fliers, getting Global Entry will save time and stress -- and is highly recommended. 


Away Travel Bigger Carry-On

Away makes some of the most popular travel suitcases for a reason: They're durable, easy to maneuver, and provide a lot of storage. The Bigger Carry-On model is TSA-approved and features an ejectable battery to charge your devices (also TSA compliant). Just make sure you add some personal touches to the suitcase - these are used by many travelers and can be easy to mix up at the baggage carousel.

Longchamp's Le Pliage Tote

Complementing your Away carry-on both in style and functionality, this tote from Longchamp makes a perfect personal item. It's durable, water-resistant, and stylish. The tote is also easy to carry and to set down with its sturdy, wide bottom.

eBags Classic Packing Cubes

Packing cubes maximize space while organizing items within your suitcase. These cubes from eBags are stable, come in various sizes for your convenience, and will keep your items safe and wrinkle-free -- especially if your bag has to be searched. 


Apple Airpods

You want something that offers high-quality sound to drown out the plane's engine with a long-lasting charge for a day's worth of travel. Apple's Airpods come with a case that both charges the earphones and protects them when moving around, and they fit comfortably in your ear with no wires to tangle in your bags.

Bose Quiet Comfort Noise-Cancelling Headphones 

If you want to join in on the plane's in-flight entertainment, you'll need wired headphones with a standard jack. This will allow you to save space and forego bringing your own tablet or laptop, and these Bose headphones are noise-cancelling (unlike Airpods) so you might find them to be even more useful for travel.


For frequent flyers, having a variety of entertainment at the ready is imperative. A subscription to Audible provides you with countless hours of audiobooks, from popular bestsellers to high-profile biographies. Audible also offers original content too, and makes for a worthy complement to streaming services offering other forms of media.

Anker PowerCore Premium Charger

You don't want to count on finding an accessible outlet in the airport that is both free and working; you need a portable charger to make sure you can keep your devices powered up. Anker is the leader in portable chargers, and this PowerCore is the top of their line, featuring three fast-charging ports. 

Health and hygiene

Nature's Way Umcka Chewables

Public spaces in general and airplanes in particular are rife with germs that might cause colds and viruses. Take preventative measures to stay healthy with these chewable tablets from Nature's Way that soothe and prevent sore throats, congestion, and more common ailments.

Nano Pure Generation Sanitizer

More often than not, you're going to get sick from touching things and then touching your face or mouth. It's vital to keep your hands clean at all times to fend off illness. We recommend this convenient pack of hand sanitizer from Nano Pure that's easy to take on the go -- and is more powerful than the standard options.

ToullGo Eye Treatment Mask

Air travel can be exhausting, especially when layovers, delays, or redeyes are involved. You don't have to look tired, though. The 24K Gold Eye Mask quickly stimulates and regenerates skin cells, helping you look refreshed on the outside even if you're beat on the inside.

Burt's Bees Facial Towelettes

Facial wipes are essential for all travelers for cleansing your skin after a day of flying and general traveling exertion. Burt's Bees makes theirs from natural ingredients, and they're sure to leave your face feeling soft, clean, and rejuvenated.

Travel Skin Care Essentials Kit

It can be a hassle to find travel size containers and move all your skin and hair care products into them. Forgo all of that and grab this travel kit from Drunk Elephant that includes, among other things, eye cream, jelly cleanser, and day and night serums, which are especially good at combating the dry air on planes.

Hydro Flask Water Bottle

You can't bring liquids through security, but once you get on the other side, you want to be ready -- and it hardly makes sense to shell out $8 every time you need water. Grab this sleek and durable Hydro Flask refillable bottle that keeps cold beverages cold, hot ones hot, and doesn't sweat, making it easy and convenient for travel.


Huzi Infinity Pillow

It's not easy getting sleep on a plane - the seats certainly aren't made for comfort. Neck pillows are a worthy asset, but you'll notice a huge difference when opting for a high-quality option. We love these Huzi infinity pillows, as they can contort in any form that works for all seats on the plane: aisle, window, and middle. 

MZOO Sleep Mask

Once you're comfortable, you need to drown out stimuli. This sleep mask is made from silk for maximum comfort, and while it blocks out the light, it doesn't press right against your eyes, allowing you to blink with ease. It can also hold earplugs if you're forgoing music as you fall asleep.

Mudgear Premium Compression Socks

These are an absolute must for travel. Compression socks improve blood flow and reenergize ankles and feet, especially when you're not moving for a long time. We love these ones from Mudgear to keep you from feeling sore or swollen after a flight.

Cashmere scarf

Regardless of the weather outside or at your final destination, airports can get chilly. Keep your neck and head warm (and help prevent colds) with a scarf. We love this cashmere scarf for supreme comfort. If you don't prefer cashmere, however, check out this HappyLuxe Micro Modal travel wrap


Passport Holder

Travel requires having your passport both at hand and protected. The Herschel Passport Case features RFID blocking technology, which prevents electronic devices from scanning the information it possesses. It has slots for credit cards as well, allowing it to function as a temporary travel wallet.  

Travel credit card

One of those aforementioned slots can be used for a travel credit card. We love the Sapphire Rewards from Chase, but it's also worth investing in a travel card from your bank to get you points and benefits from your flights, as well as no fees for international use.


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