TI, the Atlanta Rapper Who Owns a Restaurant, Was Ripped Off by a Caterer Named ‘Chef Kool’

Chef Kool but left after an argument with the couple and took the appetizers with him
TI, the Atlanta Rapper Who Owns a Restaurant, Was Ripped Off by a Caterer Named ‘Chef Kool’

Ga Fullner / Shutterstock.com

After an argument with T.I. and Tiny, Chef Kool left with the Hennessy chicken wings. 

A baby shower for Tiny, the wife of Atlanta rapper and restaurateur T.I., was nearly ruined when one of the caterers showed up two hours late, and then quickly left the party with a $1,000 deposit.

The caterer, a man who goes by the name “Chef Kool,” was hired to be in charge of the appetizers for Tiny’s party, but quickly got into an argument with T.I. and his wife upon arrival.

According to TMZ, Chef Kool was so incensed that he abruptly left, taking all of the appetizers with him, including a tray of Hennessy chicken wings, according to TMZ.

Chef Kool later told TMZ that he “only stormed off because event planners told him he wouldn’t be getting paid since it was a privilege to cook for celebs like T.I. and Tiny,” but Tiny told the gossip site that the couple “absolutely” paid the deposit.

With the help of another chef who was hired to make the main course, the rest of the party went off without a hitch — but it’s not clear why T.I. didn’t enlist the staff at his own restaurant, Scales 925, to take care of the menu. 

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