Throw The Ultimate Disney Dinner Party With Dishes Straight From The Movies

Embrace your inner Disney obsessive, and throw the ultimate Disney dinner party. Select your favorite drinks and dishes from your favorite animated movies, and serve them up to your Mickey Mouse-loving friends, accompanied by a Disney soundtrack, of course. Follow this menu for a true-to-the-movie dinner party, which covers all your favorite characters' dishes from Belle's cheese soufflé to Snow White's gooseberry pie.

Enchanted Martini

Be inspired by Nathaniel's poisoned martini which he serves to Gisele in Enchanted, by starting your dinner party with this chilled classic cocktail. Just make sure that yours isn't laced with lethal liquids before you drink it.

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Belle's Cheese Soufflé

Begin your meal with Belle's beautiful cheese soufflé, which joyfully dances across the dining table in Beauty and the Beast. It may sound like a daunting way to start your dinner party, but cheese soufflé doesn't have to be as tricky as you imagine, and these puffed, golden appetizers will definitely impress every Disney-lover seated at your table.

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Aladdin's Baguette

Every meal is improved by serving a crunchy baguette alongside the main dish. Your hungry guests will be fighting over this freshly baked bread: Aladdin selected the tastiest, most satisfying food to steal at the beginning of this classic Disney movie.

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Remy's Ratatouille

Serve a beautiful, colorful Provençal ratatouille at your dinner party, and you will amaze all your guests. Remy perfected this dish in Ratatouille, and now you can serve this delicious, flawless meal at your dinner party too: You don't need to be a professional French chef to pull this Disney meal off.

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Snow White's Gooseberry Pie

Snow White happily bakes a perfect gooseberry pie for Grumpy as she stands surrounded by birds and squirrels, baking by an open window, and singing "Someday My Prince Will Come." This Disney character clearly understood that pie possessed the power to make people smile. End your dinner party in the happiest way by serving up slices of warm gooseberry pie drizzled with heavy cream, with Snow White's song playing in the background.

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