Things You Should Never Say to Someone on a Diet

Sometimes a smile is the best compliment

Thinkstock / Rostislav_Sedlacek 

The scale doesn't lie, but it doesn't mean you remind your friend.

Everyone has that friend, colleague, boyfriend, girlfriend, or family member who is always on a diet. Yes, it may be annoying that every time you’re around them, they’re discussing a new juice cleanse or fitness program, but regardless of his or her circumstances, there are certain things you should never say to someone on a diet.

"Maybe you should try the diet I used."

No, she shouldn’t. When it comes to losing weight, everyone’s journey is a bit different. Your diet may have worked for your particular activity level, or perhaps it just suits your personality, but that doesn’t mean it’s the answer for your friend.

"Just practice portion control and have the willpower to say no."

This will most likely come from a pen-thin person who has no idea what his friend is going through emotionally, physically, or mentally. He can’t relate, so don’t listen.

"You should try this brownie, it’s your favorite. Just a little won’t hurt."

Yes, a little would hurt. Would you give a recovering alcoholic a little shot of whiskey? No, so support your friend and offer fruit instead.

"You’ll look so great once you drop a few pounds — just like when we first met."


This may sound like a compliment, but it’s really not. What you’re implying is that your friend looked better as a younger version of him or herself — and that he or she doesn’t look good now.