These lamps can instantly make your home more cozy and relaxing

Anthony Marcusa

Overhead lights can be harsh and create an environment that is counter-intuitive for what you want at home. Adding subtle touches like a salt lamp can help fix that issue.

Effective home lighting can help alleviate stress on the mind and body, aid in better sleep, and drastically change the ambiance and mood of every room in your home. 

It's especially important to have options that aren't overhead fluorescents as we move toward winter, as the nights get longer and you'll be using indoor lights more frequently. 

How cozy your home feels has a lot to do with how it's lit, so if relaxation and comfort are priorities for you, consider reimagining your space with some of these lighting alternatives. 

(If you're ready to add a dimmable lamp to your bedside, the AUKEY Table Lamp is currently $27.99 with a $17 discount. The GreenAir SpaVapor offers double functionality as an essential oil diffuser and color-changing light, and right now it's 46% off at $26.99.)

Salt lamps

Salt lamps are said to remove negative ions from the air, and they do certainly elevate the look and feel of a space. While some salt lamps are white, others may cast a pink or amber glow. 

Our favorite bedside option is this Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp from Levoit Elora, in particular the dimmer feature, which is terrific to have nearby on a nightstand so that you can adjust the lighting as you prepare for bed. 

For a lamp that would be best suited in a living room or common area, the My Perfect Nights Large Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp is larger than typical and can light a more spacious area. 


Dimmable lamps

The ability to control the level of light given off by a particular source can go a long way toward helping you feel relaxed and allowing you to rest your eyes.

This versatile AUKEY Table Lamp features various levels of warm gentle yellow light, making it ideal for the bedside. 

AUKEY also offers a Night Light, which features customizable color and brightness. It's versatile enough to go anywhere inside or outside the house where you need a little light. 

For those who want something that looks more like a lamp, this SHINE HAI 3-Way Touch Control Dimmable Table Lamp offers dimming options with its classic design while featuring a pair of USB charging ports.  


Smart lighting

Many companies are making big strides into smart lighting, which can pair with smart home assistants or smart devices, offering a fully customizable lighting setup. 

While Casper is best known for its cozy pillows and mattresses, the company also makes other bedtime essentials. The Glow Light is a smart lamp designed with sleep in mind, and it has a self-dimming light that eases you into bedtime.

Smart lights aren't just for homeowners and adults. Coming soon from Amazon is the Echo Glow, a smart lamp marketed for kids that adjusts brightness, colors, and timers on cue. 


Essential oil diffuser

Diffusers offer a dual sensorial experience of soothing aromas and lights. Add calming lavender or invigorating lemongrass for an aromatherapy experience and light up your room with a gentle, colorful glow.

The ASAKUKI Essential Oil Diffuser can switch between seven color options and has a sizable water tank, auto-off function, plus toggles for mist density. 

The GreenAir SpaVapor Essential Oil Diffuser is a compact diffuser that's small enough to fit into any space -- which is perfect because we love keeping a diffuser in every room in the house that people spend time in.


Overhead lights

While you're considering lamps, it's also worth thinking about your overhead light bulbs. If you're working at home or doing chores, sometimes lamps won't be the most helpful - but you also don't want to use aggressive overhead lighting that's harsh on tired eyes.

The Philips Hue LED Smart Light Bulb Starter Kit is a popular and easy way to improve your home lighting. While the price may seem high, the investment is worth it: You can connect through your devices or smart home assistants to manage the lighting with a full spectrum of color options. Create the scene and mood for each room, time of day, and activity.

If you're not ready for smart home lighting but want to change up the look and feel of your home, check out this Vintage Incandescent Edison Bulb Set. Featuring a rustic, antique look, these high-quality lights are soft, dimmable, and energy-efficient.


Night lights

Subjecting your eyes to sudden changes in light can be disruptive for sleeping, especially if you wake up briefly in the middle of the night. This is why nightlights are so important: They offer a soft, guiding light but aren't so bright that your body suddenly thinks it's time to be fully awake. 

For something low-stress, check out these Sycees Plug-in LED Night Lights, which turn on automatically when it's dark in the room. Opt for the warm white color for the soft glow feel.


Fun lighting

Your lighting choices can be as fun as you are. If you're entertaining at home or just in need of some rejuvenation, there are lamps for that, too. 

This lava lamp from Lava Lite has a retro, funky look to it, which can be both calming and lively. It's sure to be a conversation piece for those who remember these lamps from childhood.

For something even more far out, this lava glitter lamp from Schylling is exotic and entrancing, and also sure to draw attention. 


Blackout curtains

Creating a home space with ideal lighting means being in control of what light comes in. Investing in blackout curtains allows you to choose how you want to wake up in the morning. When sleeping, you want to eliminate any disruptive light -- particularly if you live on a busy street or if the sunrise tends to shine in.

Amazon Basics offers high quality, functional curtains that come in a variety of shades to match your décor. They're thick enough to prevent air from entering or leaving your room, helping you to control your room's temperature.

If you're simply looking for something to block light and you aren't worried about temperature regulation, check out the Achim Home Furnishings Room Darkening Pleated Window Shade. This is a simpler and more affordable option.


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