Take a Bite Out of These 14 Heart-Inspired Cakes Slideshow

Conversation Heart Cake

If you’re not sure what to say — say it all.



Shape Up

Hearts aren't the only thing adorning this tiered confection — double up on the shapes to create serious texture.



For the girly valentines, this one is sure to hit a high note with its fashionable, color-blocked heart.



Sweet Surprise

This one is deceiving, right? Pull the wool over their eyes with this love-filled center.


Hearts On...

Hearts on hearts on hearts.Boom.


Don’t these adorable mini mousse hearts remind you of a classic heart box of chocolates, especially with the doily? Us, too.


Quite the Pair

There is no greater cake pairing than that of chocolate and raspberries. If you want to score brownie points, use that as an analogy for your relationship. "You’re the raspberries to my chocolate mousse." Works every time.


For the Kids

These rainbow layered mini heart cakes are perfect for the little valentines in your life.


Mini Conversation Cakes

The best thing about these is that it’s up to you what you want to say — whether it’s "I Love You" or something a little frisky. In this case, actions don’t speak louder than words.


Petal Power

What do you get when you cross flowers and hearts? This sweet slice, that’s what!


Ombre Loving

50 shades of… purple.



Elvis Heart Cakes

Everyone knows that Elvis’ favorite sandwich was peanut butter and bananas, so Will Cook for Smiles’ Lyuba thought to take her chocolate cake to the next level in honor of The King.

And Then There Was…

… an actual heart cake — for you deep couples out there who want to bare a little more than their souls.


When All Else Fails

Ice cream cake is clutch — these mini ice cream cakes from Baskin-Robbins are ready to go for you procrastinators or can be customized with the ice cream of your choice as a filling.