The Stages of Snowpocalypse 2015

Because it isn’t all just cozy socks and pizza
 Snowpocalypse 2015

We get how you feel about the snowstorm.

1. Excitement:


“YES. Wine, cookies, and Netflix all damn day.”

2. Earnest Planning:


“Ok, so I need to make a list and go to the store, that shouldn’t be too bad, right?”

3. Slight Panic:


“Oh wow, does that woman have three gallons of milk? What does she need that for? Do I need that, too?”

4. Full Blown Panic:


“Bread. Cheese. Milk. Body armor. Where does it begin?! Where does it end?!”

5. Relief:


“I survived the store. The couch is calling me. I am almost home.”

6. Palpable Joy:


“I am going to enjoy every second of these cookies and wine.”

7. Depression:


“Wait... it only snowed HOW MUCH!?!?!”**

Snow Day Food and Drink Fun

**applicable only to parts of the barely-frozen coast