So, You Want to Date a Kennedy?

It's all about being in the right place at the right time.

Spend Your Summers in Hyannis Port, MA

It’s all about location, location, location. Now that we have already ruled out most of the Kennedy-named places throughout the country, let’s focus on the place where the Kennedys flock to come summertime – Cape Cod. While we cannot endorse that you attempt to sneak into the Kennedy Compound, we can suggest you stake out the ice cream parlor that is down the road, a prime Kennedy hot spot.

Four Seas Ice Cream

360 S. Main St., Centerville

Head to the Harbor

As the summer cools down, everyone seems to leave the Cape in order to snuggle underneath layers of sweaters and blankets. The Kennedys are no different; they are human, after all. For that reason, we suggest that you follow the majority of them to Boston, the hometown of John F. Kennedy. While you may feel inclined to hide out from the New England winter, you have to fight through the low temperatures to make your way to the harbor, where there is a restaurant that has hosted politicians, presidents, religious leaders, notable people, including numerous members of the Kennedy clan.

Anthony’s Pier 4

140 Northern Avenue, Boston, MA 

No Need to Go Overboard, Though

Now that you have made some efforts of your own, it’s time to steal some of Swift’s Kennedy-seducing moves. The country singer has been showing just how laid-back the influential family can be. She and her new beau have been spotted grabbing a slice from Marcella’s Pizza and eating chicken fingers on the Cape. Just goes to show how unnecessary five course meals may be for these younger Kennedys.

Marcella’s Pizza

236 East Main Street, Mount Kisco, NY

Dine with Diplomats, Democrats, and Politicians

How can you go about dating a Kennedy without making an appearance at some sort of political function? After all the Kennedys basically invented the political dinner party, back in JFK’s day. When President Obama came to New York, Caroline Kennedy was one of the attendees. Before you start contemplating whether or not the $35,800 would have been worth it, let us remind you that Swift apparently received the 4th of July BBQ invitation through Conor’s Aunt Rory. For that reason, we’re thinking that maybe a good route to take would be through meeting one of the other Kennedys (or through a mutual friend, but what are the odds you’re Jackie O?).   

Gotham Bar & Grill

12 East 12th Street, NY, NY

And Finally, Follow in their Footsteps…

So, you managed to land yourself a Kennedy? Before you even think about patting yourself on the back, book you and your new beau a reservation at Martin’s Tavern. Be sure to request that the two of you be seated at booth number three, the same exact spot where JFK allegedly popped the question to Jackie O back in 1953. Then you can start counting down till the two of you say ‘I do…”

Martin’s Tavern in Georgetown

1264 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Washington, DC

Find Yourself an Invitation to One of Their Fundraisers

Since youre probably planning on spending the rest of your summer on the Cape anyways, you should probably try and get yourself an invitation to Ethel Kennedys Hyannis home for August 23rd. If you can scrounge up an estimated $30,000, you can join the others in supporting her grandsons congressional campaign at a fundraiser. While socializing with the elite requires you fork up your life savings to spend the evening discussing literature and art, were thinking that the partys assortment of hors doeuvres will make it all worthwhile.

Fly Across the Country For a Shot with California’s Kennedy Clan

Not all of the Kennedys are in Boston, though. So go ahead and escape the cold, you deserve it at this point. While Schwarzenegger is not exactly a Kennedy much longer, Maria Shriver still passed along some Kennedy genes to their children. A great way to bump into this clan is by visiting some of the California hotspots, including Mastros Steakhouse, which has been referred to as the steakhouse for celebrities and locals alike.

Mastros Steakhouse

246 North Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210