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Robert Pattinson Frantically Searches for a Hot Dog in Short Film

‘This city is a labyrinth designed to mock me’

A new short film called Fear & Shame features a hangry Robert Pattinson cooped up in his New York City hotel room. It appears that the actor, who is also on the cover of GQ’s September issue, is hiding from the public, referring to a swarm of paparazzi as a “gauntlet of trolls.” He starts sounding slightly deranged, but blames it on starvation. And hey, we all get a little crazy when we’re hungry.

Pattinson stares out the window, pushing against the glass as if he’s a caged zoo animal. Then, everything changes. He spots a man down below, on the street with a New York hot dog — “the kind that makes you fall in love.” After throwing some instant coffee packets (or something) around his room, Pattinson sets out on a quest for the hot dog. One couple passing by looks at him (disguised by a hat, shades, and jacket), assuming he’s from Teen Wolf, a stab at Pattinson’s lead role in the Twilight saga.

After walking around Union Square and summoning an Uber, the actor finally stops at Papaya King on St. Mark’s Place. Pattinson double-fists hot dogs and returns to his normal self, proclaiming, “You can call me Rob — I eat hot dogs!”

The actor’s newest movie, Good Time, received an overwhelming standing ovation at Cannes, and is now playing in theaters across the U.S.

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