Paula Deen Launches Her Own Clothing Line: ‘I Understand the Body That’s Not Perfect’

Paula Deen has created a line of clothing for women over 30 who are ‘an apple or a pear,’ not a banana

‘If you notice, I never cook naked,’ Deen said. 

Paula Deen — the one-time Food Network star whose career second act has included her own 24/7 digital network, a restaurant seating 300 in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, a cooking game app, and a healthy cookbook — has now launched her own clothing line, Paula Deen’s Closet.

The clothing line, available through digital commerce website Evine, is something Deen has been working on for a while. She told People, “it was a little hard for me to break out of the kitchen… But if you notice, I never cook naked. I was always wearing clothes!”

Known for her love of butter, Deen says she created the line because she understands the struggles of “the body that’s not perfect. You see all these things made for bananas. Well, I’m an apple. Most women are an apple or a pear. There are not many bananas.”

So far, the line includes a number of maxi dresses, ankle-length pants, and loose-fitting tops, many of which include the word “stretch.” The line is targeted at women over 30, and will hopefully please “a multitude of people.”

A chief concern is the length of each available top, which is generous enough to reach past the hips. “I don’t know how to say this to you in a nice way, but it has to cover my front privates,” Deen offered. “I want my shirttail to cover my front privates and hopefully my back, too. I am aware of ‘catfish belly’ arms. Have you ever seen a catfish?

“You know how they have a smooth floppy belly on them? Well, that’s what we refer to as ‘catfish belly’ arms.” The cut of each top, too, is meant to protect against any possible wardrobe malfunctions one might have when leaning over, say, to check on a pie in the oven.


Everything in the line is under $60 so that Deen’s look is accessible to all women. “I’m not interested in trying to gouge anybody,” Deen said. “I think people trust me. They know that I will not lie to them … To the best of my knowledge, I will tell the truth.”