Oprah Loves Pretzel Dogs, And We Can Relate

Oprah Winfrey has only recently discovered the life changing magic of pretzel-wrapped hot dogs. According to original reporting for The Cut about one writer's experience on the Oprah Cruise, Winfrey had never sampled the mall-food delicacy until she was filming for her role in A Wrinkle in Time.

AWIT director (and clearly great friend) Ava DuVernay introduced the talk show host icon to Auntie Anne's pretzel dogs and Oprah apparently loved them. It would be pretty hard not to enjoy the soft and salty tiny hot dog bite, especially after a long day on set. We are glad Oprah is not immune to their buttery goodness.

Although we do not know the extent of the media mogul's love for the mall morsels, we're keeping our fingers crossed that they make an appearance in Winfrey's annual list of "favorite things."

Curious as to how you can make your own pretzel dog? First you're going to need to know how to make your own Auntie Anne's pretzel.