David Burtka Vowed to Cook Neil Patrick Harris Bolognese Every Month

But the recipe is top secret
neil patrick harris david burtka bolognese
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

It won't be in Burtka's new cookbook, either.

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka’s 7-year-old twins, Harper and Gideon, don't eat fast food. When “How I Met Your Mother” concluded, the former castmates officially moved their family to New York City, where Harris says there are too many delicious pizza and ramen spots to think twice about going to places like McDonald’s.

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Burtka — a professionally trained chef with a cookbook on the way — loves curating foods in his own kitchen. The 43-year-old gets most of his ingredients at the Greenmarket in Union Square, not only because they’re fresh and high quality, but because he believes in supporting local farmers.

“Knowing that there’s a Greenmarket in Union Square and that the farmers are incredible, and supporting local farmers is the best thing you could possibly do for yourself and your body and your world, why not do that?” Burtka told The Daily Meal while speaking on the launch of Capital One’s new Savor Card.

His favorite meal to cook for the family is Bolognese, which is typically made with ground beef, tomato, onion, herbs and pasta. Harris clearly become hooked before their 2014 nuptials, because the Italian dish made its way into their wedding vows.

“David makes a Bolognese sauce that is so good, and he makes giant batches of it, which makes the house smell amazing and then he freezes it,” Harris said, to which Burtka piggybacked, “In my vows, I said every month I would make Bolognese.”

Unfortunately for the rest of us, the recipe is top secret. Burtka won’t share it, and it won’t appear in his upcoming cookbook “Life Is a Party,” either. While we can’t promise they’ll be marriage vow-worthy, we have an ample supply of Bolognese variations in our recipe vault. If you’d rather leave it to the professionals, take a seat in the restaurant with the best pasta dish in your state instead.

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