Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling's Baking Music Playlist Is Just as Great as She Is

We’re not shocked that our dream BFF concocted the perfect playlist

Mindy Kaling recently shared her baking playlist with Amazon Music Unlimited. The eclectic mix of chill dance music, pop-idol anthems, and even a Game of Thrones score sets up the perfect kitchen-dance party while stirring, mixing, or waiting for your sweet treats to bake.

Kaling’s playlist is everything you would expect from the colorfully styled writer-actress. Out of the 15 songs included, two are by Beyoncé, but we would expect nothing less from the Mindy Project creator whose character, Mindy Lahiri, has an alter-ego named “Beyoncé Pad Thai.”

Bakers can jam to indie tracks from LCD Soundsystem, Phoenix, and Frank Ocean, but will definitely want to use their nearest cooking implement as a pseudo-microphone when the Spice Girls and No Doubt tracks Kaling included come on. The mom-to-be admitted that not even she is immune to such kitchen antics.

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“There’s no sugarcoating how fun it is to use the spatula as a microphone,” she told People. We bet there is no sugarcoating how fun it would be to do just about anything with Kaling, especially baking any of The Daily Meal’s 50 best cookie recipes together. Mindy, if you want to bring the chocolate chips, we’ve got that aux cord waiting!