Melon Ballers and Other Kitchen Tools That Make Entertaining More Festive

There are useful, multipurpose implements and vessels all over your kitchen… you just need to get a little creative
Easy Entertaining Hacks

You won’t believe how many ways you can use these little gadgets!


Planning a party? You might not have to look further than your kitchen for many of the things you need to host a creative get-together with minimal effort.

Gadgets That Make Entertaining More Festive

Kitchens are treasure troves of tools, gadgets, and ingredients that in the right hands can turn out something creative — and delicious. The kitchen, with all those doodads and thingamabobs, might also be the most cluttered and overstocked room in the house.

Some drawers are filled with those utensils that we use every day — forks, knives, teaspoons.  Giant jars on the counter by the oven hold those most-used tools — whisk, spatula, wooden spoon. Worn baking sheets and large metal bowls tucked into cabinets are for quick weeknight dinners.

But then, in the dark corners of the kitchen, like that overhead cabinet or that third drawer from the bottom, there are the tools and gadgets that rarely see the light of day.

That is probably because you think they are only good for one thing. Cake pans are for cake and muffin tins are for muffins.  But what if those forgotten items are just the things you need to help make you the host with the most?

The first big cookout of the season, a kiddo’s birthday bash, or even a fancy dinner party might be the best opportunity to whip these underappreciated utensils out to make entertaining easier. It might just be that little-used melon baller or those wedding gift ramekins that save the day at your next warm weather party.

Baking Sheet

Baking sheets get a lot of use, but there isn’t a ton of variety in their repertoire. Why not turn them into serving trays for a delicious spread at your next low-key gathering? They can also be used as surfaces for decorating cupcakes at a birthday party or Christmas cookies at your holiday celebration. Just make sure that all of the sides are raised and don’t taper off for easy to tidy up sprinkles.

Ice Cream Maker


That ice cream maker with the detachable freezer bowl has a use beyond making frozen treats. Its freezer bowl is ideal for quickly chilling wine or other drinks when guests arrive early and there is no time to waste.