Make Sure the Kids Know These Life-Hacks Before Leaving for College

From the importance of napping to chopping an onion: Make sure to teach your kids these key life lessons before they leave

Going off to college is stressful for both you and your kids. You’re emotional, and they’re nervously excited. There’s so much to plan and prepare, so many things to remember to pack, so many forms to fill out, and multiple big decisions that need to be made. But you also need to make sure you don’t forget to teach your kids all those important life lessons. It’s all too easy to get caught up in the details, and to forget to teach your kid how to cook for themselves and how the washing machine works, before he or she flees the nest.

Make Sure the Kids Know These Life-Hacks Before Leaving for College (Slideshow)

If you’ve always taken care of everything for your kids while they’ve been growing up, it’s time to show them what you’ve been doing, and pass your key life lessons on to them. From replacing their missing buttons, to making a cup of coffee, to the easiest, simplest meals to cook — everything needs to be explained (probably repeatedly) in great detail. You don’t want your kid to have to spend the first semester constantly phoning you when he or she gets stuck on a simple life skill, and has no one to ask for help apart from Mom, who is many, many miles away.

But make sure you don’t focus entirely on teaching your kid how to wash his or her clothes — there are also many college-life hacks which you should make sure your child knows before leaving. Even if you haven’t used these tricks for years, you must remember how important they were. From being able to make coffee without a coffee pot, to cooking scrambled eggs in a mug in a microwave, make sure your kid is fully prepared for college life before he or she flees the nest. If you want your kid to succeed and be popular, it’s as important to explain how to throw a party as it is how to really look after him or herself.

Read on to find the top life hacks to teach your kids before they set off on their next big adventure: Don’t let them leave for college underprepared.

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