Ketchup-Flavored Ice Cream Created in Ed Sheeran's Honor

The ice cream you may never want has finally arrived

Ketchup is so perfect to Ed Sheeran; he has the Heinz logo tattooed on his bicep.

In fact, Sheeran loves the condiment so much that Ireland-based ice cream shop Gelati has created a ketchup-flavored variety in his honor.

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"We @gelati_icecream decided to welcome Ed Sheeran back to Ireland by creating his favourite flavour: Tomato ketchup!!," the company captioned an Instagram post. "Drop in for a free Ketchup cone if attending the concert!"

The business is making the special flavor available at both of its locations while the "Castle on the Hill" singer plays a few local shows. Sheeran is currently on tour and will perform in Dublin on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

The strange ice cream flavor is reportedly made with real ketchup before being topped with more of the tomato-based spread. But creating the inventive new flavor wasn't as easy as squeezing a few bottles into a churn.

"It took a few attempts to balance the recipe," Gelati's owner, Michael O' Dowd, told People, noting the difficulties of freezing salt. "It would melt straight away."

To concoct the unique pints, O' Dowd said they had to add ketchup to their secret ice cream recipe, featuring locally sourced milk pasteurized in-house. He told the magazine that Sheeran hasn't stopped in yet but he hopes the musician pops in for a scoop while he's in town.

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Ketchup isn't the only distinctive item on Gelati's menu — the shop also offers a Gin & Tonic sorbet and Blue Bubblegum flavor.