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Jennifer Garner’s ‘Pretend’ Cooking Show Just Got Real With Ree Drummond’s Chocolate Sheet Cake

She’s just one step closer to being Ina Garten
jennifer garner

Actress and mother Jennifer Garner made The Pioneer Woman’s chocolate sheet cake for the fifth installment of her cooking show.  

Jennifer Garner — the most adorable “pretend” celebrity chef in America — has brought her “#PretendCookingShow” back for a fifth installment. The actress and mother of three followed a chocolate sheet cake recipe from Ree Drummond (The Pioneer Woman) and documented the whole thing for Instagram’s newest platform, IGTV — so it’s basically a real web show now!

#PretendCookingShow! This is my family’s go-to chocolate sheet cake recipe — Thank you, @thepioneerwoman,” the Once Upon a Farm co-founder wrote, sharing the recipe below. “The full episode is on the new #IGTV platform — I think the button’s in my profile — let me know what you think. #ididthiswithfreshnails #spoileralerttheysurvived”

In the preview clip of her video, Garner discusses her favorite whisk, which was given to her by a friend. “This was given to me as a gift, it’s like a dough whisk or something — but it’s one of my favorite kitchen things,” she says praising the tool. “You know how a whisk gets everything stuck and then you have to go ‘ehhh’ and dig it out?” she asks her audience while demonstrating how you don’t have to dig any batter or flour out with this special tool.

The video scored rave reviews from Garner’s fans and fans of The Pioneer Woman’s chocolate sheet cake. “Once, when 8 months pregnant, I made this cake and single handedly consumed the whole. dang. thing. It’s so dangerous!” commented one Instagrammer. “You’re so cute and normal and real,” wrote another about Jen. The Pioneer Woman has yet to comment on the cute video.

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