Rapper Jadakiss Ordered a Crust-Only Pizza, and the Internet Is Confused

Is a circle of crust still technically a pizza?
Jadakiss pizza order
lev radin / Shutterstock.com

Rapper Jadakiss really likes pizza crust, apparently.

The best part of a pizza is debatable. Cheese, pepperoni, sauce, crust… it’s all good. Unless you’re Jadakiss. Then, it’s all about the crust. Apparently, the “Why” rapper is a fan of crust-only pie, and his bizarre pizza order is going viral.

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Brooklyn pizza joint Cuts & Slices posted a photo of Jadakiss’ carb-friendly order on Instagram. The 44-year-old musician’s special order consists of an entire standard pizza pie that has the middle portion cut out. Instead of more dough, sauce, cheese and toppings, three cups of marinara sauce sit in the center of the pizza box. The result is a perfect, unbroken circle of pizza crust; it looks more like a peculiar bagel than a classic American pizza.

“Special request for @therealkiss. Who else like Crust only?” the restaurant posted on Instagram, alongside a photo of Jadakiss’ order.

Why doesn’t Jadakiss just order breadsticks or garlic knots (which are basically just logs of pizza crust)? The world may never know. And of course, the world has opinions on this strange order.

“WHAT DID Y’ALL DO WITH THE REST OF THE PIZZA,” Instagram commenter @izzlepbi wrote, asking the real question here.

@_tressmoney_ was similarly perplexed, commenting simply: “this is disrespectful.”

Others suggested that Jadakiss is really onto something. “Yessss I love just the crust I used to get in trouble for cutting it off slices and leaving the rest lmfao,” @thegoldenhera wrote.


Jadakiss is far from the only person to make a bizarre takeout order. Remember when a British McDonald’s patron customized his order to literally order a ‘nothingburger’ (and was charged 99 pence for an empty bag)? And who can forget the great bagel slicing debacle of 2019? And while we doubt that Jadakiss’ customized pizza order is going to catch on with the masses, we can add “Is a circle of crust still a pizza?” to the list of the greatest food debates of our generation.