Ina Garten Jeffrey Garten

These Kids' Ina and Jeffrey Garten Costumes Just Won Halloween

If you can’t make your own Ina and Jeffrey look, store-bought is fine (clearly)
Ina Garten Jeffrey Garten

Ina Garten Instagrammed a photo of two young kids dressed up as herself and her husband for Halloween and the internet thinks it's adorable. 

If Ina Garten is reposting a photo of your kids’ costumes, you're probably doing something right. The cooking legend shared absolutely the cutest photo of any children’s costume you’ll see this Halloween, and we can’t get over how spot-on it is.

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“Just HAD to share this picture! LOL!! Love these adorable children dressed up as Jeffrey and me!! Happy #Halloween everyone!” Ina captioned this photo of a mini-Jeffrey and Ina on the holiday. The tiny Ina is wearing an instantly recognizable Ina-approved denim shirt as well as her always stylish dark brown bob hairdo. She is pictured laughing joyously, (much like the real-life version of the cooking goddess) while an even tinier Jeffrey — complete with curly gray wig and cashmere sweater — reaches around her to grab a cookie off her tray.

The super sweet photo has gone viral with over 304,000 likes and almost 20,000 comments after the Barefoot Contessa posted it just 22 hours ago. Chefs such as Julia Turshen and David Burtka have commented on the photo. Turshen used a crying-laughing face emoji and Burtka wrote, “This is AMAZING!!”


These kids' perfect Halloween costumes just make us feel even more strongly about the ones people really should stop wearing. Luckily, now that it's November, we can focus on other annoying things, like these 10 common gravy mistakes.