How to Deal With Your Hangry Roommate

Hungry and angry is terrible combination, especially in the person you’re living with

Manage your hangry roommate gracefully.

So you have a roommate and she is incredible. She cleans up after herself. She never plays her music too loud. She always asks before bringing someone over. There is just one little problem: She has a tendency to get hangry. And when she gets hangry, you’d take every bad roommate from The Real World over her anyway. Don’t let her hangry ways ruin a perfectly decent living situation. Follow these tips and you two can live in absolute (and satiated) harmony

Tip #1: Know the difference between a fight and a hangry dispute. If your roommate starts yelling at you sporadically, gently ask her if she ate yet.

Tip #2: Make the menus accessible. This way, if your roommate starts getting antsy, you can just throw a menu at her.

Tip #3: Believe in snacks. Seriously, a handful of pretzels could end up preventing World War III.

Tip #4: Give her first dibs. If she is getting cranky, let her access the pizza box first.


Tip #5: Step. Away. From. The. Fridge. Do not block her in her quest for food/peace.