Gorgeous Dips for Your Spring Party

Your guests will be impressed by these beautiful spring party dips
Perfect Spring Party Dips

Your guests will be stalking the food table


When it comes to throwing a great party, the elements of fine décor, fun entertainment (be it a great playlist or a board game), and delicious food must all be present. The best dish to serve? A flawless dip, of course!

Gorgeous Dips for Your Spring Party 

Much like the water cooler at work, people gather around the dips and use idle snacking as a way to talk to party guests they haven’t met yet. Before you know it, guests will be sampling offerings around the table, not only chatting with each other effortlessly, but also buzzing about what a stellar host you are. 

There are tons of quick and easy ways to treat your guests to a fine time without stressing. One of the easiest ways to impress your party people is with a selection of simple dips that belong on any party food bar.

If you really want your party to be a success, your dips should include fresh, seasonal ingredients and look like they belong in the beautiful outdoors.

Avocado with Greek Yogurt, Cucumber, and Mint Dip


Looking for a light and refreshing dip to balance out all of that heavy game day fare? This cool dip redefines and revitalizes your typical avocado-based dip so much, we think it belongs at your next pamper session!

Avocado and Tomatillo Salsa


Fair warning: this salsa can be addictive! Fortunately, it is actually a very simple salsa, and tastes so perfect with a bowl of tortilla chips and a nice cold beer on a sunny day. The creaminess of the avocados, combined with the pop of spice from jalapeños and serranos, makes this salsa irresistible. Use it to top tacos, gorditas, or sopes.



Make these tasty dips!