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Britain’s Giant Cheeseboard Event Compared to Failed Fyre Festival

Guests say the festival quickly ran out of cheese and wine
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The “Giant Cheeseboard” festival that promised unlimited artisan cheese and mulled wine is being called the “Fyre Festival” of the U.K. after the event allegedly failed to deliver. Photos captured on Twitter show long lines of people who reportedly waited endlessly for “dry crackers, cubes of cheddar and watered down mulled wine.”

“Did Ja Rule show up?” @DawnHFoster asked on Twitter. The rapper was an organizer for Fyre Festival, an elitist music festival that promised luxury villas and gourmet meals on a tropical island. Guests stayed in tents and ate prepackaged sandwiches instead.

“The only thing giant about this cheese board was that it was a total giant waste of time. 5 different types of cheese are you f------ kidding me, no giant camembert, ran out of bread, chorizo, crackers, grapes, cold mulled wine, 90 minute wait to get in,” @peanutter571 tweeted.

The Giant Cheeseboard has issued a statement on Facebook in which it refuses to apologize. The group said it provided all perks mentioned in the entry price of $40 and even made a bullet list defending each customer complaint, including the lack of cheese.

“None of the cheeses ran out, and there were mountains of cheese all throughout the event and right up until the end. Just as promised… totally unlimited,” an event spokesperson wrote on Facebook. “We have not cut any corners and actually went over and above what was stated on the tickets and events.”

Many people are demanding refunds in the comments section of the post. At this time, it’s unclear whether or not they’ll actually get them. Tickets are still available for the December 23 session of the Giant Cheeseboard Festival on the event’s website.

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