Garden Party Recipes

From by Maggie Antalek
Garden Party Recipes

Last month, we threw an amazing garden party for Lillet where we created custom cocktail recipes to pair with our meal. But what we always keep in mind with these parties, is that the food menu is just as important as the drink menu. As a team, we absolutely love to snack on appetizers, enjoy each others company for a sit-down meal, and finish up with a sweet dessert.

Today we're sharing with you how easy it is to prep food for a garden lunch party. It might look like a fully staffed kitchen made this meal, but we did it all ourselves! We started off with a selection of meats, cheeses, nuts, fruit, and baguettes. Break out your favorite platters or ceramic trays and arrange the items so it feels full and luscious. There's not WRONG way to arrange a charcuterie board. It will be delicious either way!

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