Fun Theme Party Ideas

These fun theme party ideas will get the soirée started off right

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Have fun with these great theme party ideas.

When party planning, themes are always extremely useful to work around, but you don’t have to stick to common concepts. Go beyond the luau with these fun ideas.

Out of This World Party

Play off astronauts, alien movies, or even mad scientists to create a wacky but endearing party environment. You can set the scene out back under the stars, or create a basecamp in your living room.

Kids and adults will love traveling through time and space on cute edible rockets while blasting each other with water "ray" guns  to get in the spirit. So leave your worries behind and head deep into the galaxy for a wild party worth having!

Murder Mystery Dinner Party

Hosting a dinner party takes a certain finesse. You must be able to not only gather the right people, but accomplish a gorgeous tablescape and pull together an unforgettable menu. But making it fun is a whole other challenge. Consider hosting a murder mystery party where you make one guest the “murderer” and dream up other characters to make the story (and dinner) more interesting!

Host a Puppy Party or Cat Party

For puppy parents (yes, they count as parents), it is completely rational to treat their furry friends like one of their own. So after your puppy has spent a year learning to listen to commands and resist destroying your rug, why not treat your little guy to a party celebrating just them? Cats aren’t always the most social creatures. While your puppy would completely appreciate a day celebrating them, cats are more standoffish. But an animal that can clean itself and ration its own food isn’t anything to scoff at. Show your little fluffball you care with a cat-themed party

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