Etiquette Mistakes You Need to Stop Making by Age 30

It’s high time you learned some respect
Etiquette mistakes to stop by 30

There’s a sense that turning 30 somehow means you’re finally an “adult.” Long gone are the days of your reckless 20s, when you could (more or less) do whatever you wanted with few consequences. Right? Well, not so much. Like any so-called landmark birthday, simply turning the calendar from year 29 to year 30 means little in terms of your maturity. But maybe it’s time you clean up your act a bit and learn some proper etiquette.

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Etiquette? You scoff. Isn’t that just standing up straight and keeping your napkin on your lap at dinner? Well, yes and no. Knowing how to conduct yourself in public and in private is one of the life skills you need to know before you’re 30.


Whether or not you feel like an actual adult at age 30, it’s high time you start responding to texts and emails, listen to people when you talk to them and show up to places on time. Not doing so is actually really rude, whether or not you realize it. What other etiquette mistakes should you stop making by the time you reach your third decade of life? Well, we’re glad you asked!