old-fashioned etiquette rules

Etiquette Lessons Your Grandma Wishes You Knew

These old-fashioned etiquette rules haven’t gone out of style

Ask most people who the leading etiquette expert in their lives is, and they’re likely to say it’s their grandma… The matriarch of the family is the one who will definitely correct your grammar and let you know that you should sit up straight and well, and she’ll probably have an opinion about your table manners. Call her old-fashioned, call her strict or just call her Granny — she only wants you to be the best possible version of yourself, after all. And being the best person possible means you’re going to be a kinder, more polite person.

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So, what are some etiquette lessons your grandma wishes you knew? There’s the obvious, like “respect your elders” and “say please and thank you,” of course. But there are also lesser-known rules of etiquette from days gone by that include a number of ways in which you can be more considerate to others.

From knowing who should pay for a meal to knowing how to compose a meaningful, genuine thank you note, these are the 10 etiquette lessons your grandma wants you to know.