This Dog Pushing a Grocery Cart Is Winning the Internet: Watch

Just another day at the supermarket for this dog

Two Twitter users captured video of a dog on its hind legs pushing a grocery cart around a supermarket.

A dog that appears to be pushing a shopping cart around the grocery store has gone viral. The independent pup stands on its hind legs and trails its owner through the aisles, guiding a cart and giving the illusion of assisting its owner at the market in Milpitas, California.

The moment was captured by Twitter user @Ashleenn_, who posted her video with the caption, “I’m still shook” to the social media site. Eighteen-year-old Arianna Coria responded to @Ashleenn_’s video with one of her own, saying “saw him too” followed by a crying laughing emoji and a heart eye emoji.

Coria told about the event. “I heard people saying ‘awhh so cute’ and I turned around and see the doggy pushing the cart,” she explained. “He was pushing the cart for a while. I didn’t follow him because I was in a hurry, but cute, right!”

The original tweet by @Ashleenn_ has over 224,000 retweets and over 422,000 likes. The internet’s response to the popular video has been overwhelmingly supportive toward the shopping dog, whom Twitter users are finding to be the epitome of a “good boy.”


We hope the owner stopped for any of these 8 secret fast food menu items for dogs. This hard working pup deserves a treat!