A Definitive Guide To (Almost) Every Pumpkin Spice Product In Existence (Gallery)

A Definitive Guide to (Almost) Every Pumpkin Spice Product in Existence

We all know about pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin spice cookies, and even pumpkin spice pumpkin seeds. But what other products are out there? We did the exhaustive search to try and find out.


The warming flavors of pumpkin spice lend themselves easily to breakfast foods. From pastries to yogurts, to mixes that make baking your own breakfast a breeze, here's how to get your pumpkin spice on in the a.m.


No autumnal breakfast would be complete without bagels. Thomas' has released pre-sliced pumpkin spice bagels, which would go great with some pumpkin spiced margarine and a pumpkin spice latte.


If you want to fuel your mornings with the power of pumpkin spice, Belvita has whole wheat pumpkin spice biscuits. Described by Amazon reviewers as mildly spiced and seasonal, these could be a great way to inch into pumpkin spice.

Bread Mix

You can have homemade pumpkin bread in an instant with quick bread mixes. Krusteaz, Stonewall, Cherryvale Farms, and Firenza are among those allowing you to bake at home with ease.

Breakfast Bar

Want some soft-baked pumpkin spice deliciousness? Nutri-Grain and Fiber One can get your morning started off with the flavors of clove, cinnamon, and ginger with their soft-baked bars.


Cheerios, Life, Special K, Frosted Mini Wheats, and Puffins are among the brands that have added pumpkin spice to their cereal boxes. If you eat these slowly enough, you can have another pumpkin spice product: milk!

Cream Cheese

If a pumpkin spice bagel isn't enough cinnamon and clove flavor for you, Philadelphia has a pumpkin spice cream cheese spread for all of your breakfast needs.


The bagel's fluffier, sweeter cousin, the doughnut, is the perfect pumpkin spice breakfast or dessert food. Entenmann's and TastyKake have released pumpkin spice doughnuts for your morning sweet cravings.

English Muffins

Thomas' iconic English muffins have gotten a pumpkin spice makeover for fall. They'll pair perfectly with pumpkin butter, don't you think?


Do you want a pumpkin spice granola bar? Kashi, Nature's Path, KIND, and Nature Valley have your back. If you're looking for loose PS granola to add in to your yogurt, Nature's Path, Paleonola, New England Naturals, and Simple Truth each have an option for you.

Muffin Mix

Looking for a quick, easy, and semi-homemade pumpkin spice breakfast? Krusteaz, Pillsbury, Williams-Sonoma, and Simple Mills can all help you bake up a dozen pumpkin muffins in a jiffy.


If a warm bowl of pumpkin spice sounds like your ideal breakfast, Quaker Oats has the product for you: pumpkin spice oatmeal.

Toaster Pastries

Pop some pumpkin spice in to your toaster and have an instant breakfast. Trader Joe's, Pop-Tarts, and Special K are among the brands offering up instant pumpkin and spice flavor with their pastries.


A warm and fluffy waffle (or pancake) is a great fall breakfast. Krusteaz, Entenmann's, Dancing Deer, and Carbon can fulfill all your waffle needs with their mixes.


The tang of yogurt and the classic pumpkin spices help to replicate the flavors of pumpkin pie perfectly. Oikos, Chobani, Siggi's, Noosa, Yoplait, 365, and Trader Joe's are among the brands selling pumpkin yogurt this fall.


After your pumpkin spice breakfast and before your pumpkin spice dinner and drinks, you need some snacks! Here are the brands that have cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, ginger, and allspice in their products.


Spiced almonds are a delightful holiday treat, and cinnamon and cloves are a particularly heartwarming combination. Planters and Blue Diamond both offer up subtly flavored pumpkin spice nuts.

Caramel Corn

Caramel corn is a wonderful fall festival snack. But Archer Farms, G.H. Cretors, and Shakespeare's Gourmet Caramel Corn take that to the next level by adding classic pumpkin spices into their mix.


If pumpkin spice caramel corn is a delicious treat, pumpkin spice caramels will also be a delight. Luckily, your grandma's favorite candy company, Werther's Original, makes a pumpkin spice soft caramel.


Cinnamon and chocolate already pair so nicely, so why not go full pumpkin spice? M&Ms, Harry & David, Hershey Kisses, Ghirardelli, Godiva, Lindor, and See's are among those making pumpkin spice chocolates this fall.


Cookies are another classic and natural use of pumpkin spice flavors. Oreos, Pepperidge Farms, Mrs. Fields, Keebler, and Stauffer's all have pre-packaged pumpkin spice cookies to dunk in your milk. Want to bake your own cookies? Krusteaz, Betty Crocker, and Pillsbury all have pumpkin spice cookie mixes.

Frozen Desserts

Do you ever wish your pumpkin spice latte was an ice cream? Lucky for you, Edy's has rolled out that exact flavor new for 2017. If you're more of a gelato guy, Talenti has just the pumpkin spice product for you. And Halo Top is offering up pumpkin pie flavored ice cream for your low-cal needs.

Kettle Corn

Caramel corn doesn't have the market cornered on pumpkin spice flavored popped corn. There's also kettle corn with a pumpkin spice flair from Boom Chicka Pop. If you want to pop your own pumpkin spice corn, Pop Secret has your back.


Make the ultimate s'more at your fall bonfire with pumpkin spice marshmallows. Jet Puffed and Campfire both make pumpkin spice marshmallow. If Peeps are more your thing, those little birds come in pumpkin spice flavor, too.


Light and crisp, meringues make for a great, relatively healthy sweet treat. If you want those in a pumpkin spice version, Krunchy Melts has your perfect fall product.


If you want to add a little fall flavor to your homemade cookies, muffins, or cake, add in some pumpkin spice chips. Nestle Toll House makes pumpkin spice morsels for super autumnal drop cookies.

Protein Bars

Get swole this fall with the flavors of pumpkin spice. Rx Bar, The Complete Cookie, and Oh Yeah One Bar can meet all your protein needs with a dash of nutmeg.


Pumpkin spice pudding sounds like the ultimate comfort food, doesn't it? Jell-O makes the perfect instant pumpkin spice pudding, which can double as an easy pie filling.

Snack Cakes

Pumpkin spice snack cakes are an easy way to get your PSL sweet treat fix without baking an entire pie. Little Debbies and Tastykake both offer pumpkin spice treats perfect for your lunchbox.

Trail Mix

Hit the hiking trails this fall with your pumpkin spice trail mix in your bag. Archer Farms has a scrumptious sweet and salty blend of peanuts, pretzel balls, raisins, and pepitas — all with a pumpkin spice twist.

Yogurt Pretzels

Yogurt-covered pretzels are already a delicious treat. But Archer Farms and Creative Snacks have given them an extra fall flavor with a pumpkin spice twist.


It all started with a latte, didn't it? Here are the other drinks that have gotten on board the pumpkin spice train.

Almond Milk

Get your dairy-free drink on with almond drinks from Trader Joe's and Almond Dream. They both offer up cinnamon and pumpkin flavored variations on this much-loved nut milk.


Pumpkin beer is divisive, to say the least. But national brands like Sam Adams, Blue Moon, Dogfish Head, Southern Tier, and dozens upon dozens of local craft breweries have pumpkin spiced brews for all your fall drinking needs.


Chai tea already has its own comforting blend of spices. But Tazo, Twinings, Dr. Rosemary's Tea Therapy, and Big Train are adding pumpkin spice to their chai blends.


The comfort of a warm cup of hot chocolate just got better thanks to Stephen's, Land O'Lakes, McSteven's, and World Market, all of whom are selling pumpkin spice cocoa.


Who doesn't have a pumpkin spice coffee product this fall? Dunkin Donuts, Archer Farms, World Market, Williams-Sonoma, Starbucks, and Green Mountain Coffee are among the many, many retailers selling coffee blends with classic pumpkin spice.

Condensed Milk

Condensed milk is one of the integral ingredients in a classic pumpkin pie. Cut out the need for a pumpkin spice blend by using Eagle Brand's pumpkin spice sweetened condensed milk.


Want a little extra pumpkin spice in your pumpkin spice coffee or tea? Add in a non-dairy pumpkin spice creamer. International Delight, Coffee Mate, Nutpods, and numerous store brands all make pumpkin spice creamer.

Irish Cream

Who doesn't love a little night cap with coffee and Irish cream during the fall? Once again for 2017, you can make your nights (or mornings) more comforting and a little boozy with Bailey's and Fulton's Harvest pumpkin spice Irish cream.


Of course, the #PSL started the pumpkin spice craze, at least in once sense. Now, Starbucks has released a ready-to-drink pumpkin spice latte bottled and available at your grocery store for the ultimate easy morning brew.


Spiced rum could be perfect for fall, but adding a little pumpkin spice to it would be better, right? Captain Morgan has Jack-O'Blast to add signature fall flavors to your favorite cocktails.


Make a pumpkin spice latte at home with pumpkin spice syrups. Torani, Eden Gourmet, Jordan's Skinny Syrups, and Amoretti are among those who will let you bring the café to your own kitchen.


Steep the sweet flavors of a fall harvest in a steaming mug. The Republic of Tea, Celestial Seasonings, Bigelow, Harney & Sons, Trader Joe's, and Zhena's Gypsy Tea will all let you brew a warm pot of pumpkin spice.


Vodka can truly be a blank canvas for your flavoring needs, and pumpkin spice is no exception. Pearl, Pinnacle, and Spud all make pumpkin spice vodka for whatever cocktail you can dream up.


Make your old fashioneds a little autumnal with pumpkin spice whiskey. Great Lakes Distillery and Sons of Liberty Spirits are among those making toasty whiskeys for you to enjoy.

Weird Stuff

OK, sometimes pumpkin spice can go a little off the rails. For every pumpkin spice coffee or muffin, there's something that frankly doesn't need to exist. But, oh, do they.

Bath Bombs

You can take a bath in pumpkin spice with a pumpkin spice bath bomb. Pretend like you're sitting in a mug of PSL with a bath bomb from Atlantic Fizz.

Butter and Margarine

Spread some butter or margarine on your pumpkin spice bagels, but don't use normal spreads! Land O'Lakes has a pumpkin spice butter, while Country Crock is offering up a pumpkin spice margarine.


Pumpkin spice Gouda? Who knows. It could be, uh, good. Beemster makes a pumpkin spiced cheese, if you want to make your cheese plate particularly autumnal.

Cookie Butter

Trader Joe's speculoos cookie butter is much-beloved, but can you imagine the bliss of pumpkin spice cookie butter? Luckily, Trader Joe's makes it! Nuccina has a similar product.

Cough Drops

If you're plain ol' sick but not sick of pumpkin spice, cure your aching throat and cough with pumpkin-flavored cough drops from CVS.

Dog Treats

Pumpkin spice — it's not just for humans anymore! Fido can get in on the PSL action with spiced treats from Blue Buffalo, Greenies, and K9 Bytes.

Pasta Sauce

Warm up your pasta and your soul with pumpkin spice-flavored sauces from the likes of Cucina Antica, who make a tomato/pumpkin sauce blend for the fall.

Protein Powder

Make your shakes more trendy with pumpkin spice protein powder. Core Athlete, NutriBullet, Ai Sports Nutrition, HIT Supplements, NutraBio, and plenty of other brands offer up PSL protein.

Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin spice pumpkin spice? McCormick makes it! Who knew that you could actually get a spice blend based on this popular blend of spices? Wait...


The harvest of fall comes in a jar with pumpkin spice salsas from Trader Joe's and Tastin' Jamaican.


Do you want to have the ultimate comfort food? Trader Joe's, ZÜPA NOMA, and Panera all have spiced pumpkin soups.


Do you want instant pumpkin flavor? Simply Beyond has a pumpkin spice spray. Yes, it's bizarre, but it's also an easy way to give any food instant PSL love. Some might find spraying your food with this seasonal spice is a little too much. Here are 10 times pumpkin spice went too far.