Creative Crafty 4th of July Party Decor


Patriotic Painted Jars

Set up in your sunny backyard and spend a while relaxing as you paint these adorable jars in our nation's colors. Fill with silverware, napkins, or flowers of choice as your guests arrive.

Welcome berries

As your guests rush to the table to find their name tags, have a welcoming basket of scrumptious berries waiting for them.

Back pocket holders

Jean pockets are not just for wallets and cell phones anymore - get crafty with your old used denim and save the pockets to hold silverware. Extra points for using more fabric for place mats!

Red, white, and blue rice.

Dye your rice (by just mixing white rice with a few drops of food coloring), let dry, and then layer in mason jars for your table centerpiece. Also try putting a small lit candle on top for extra comfort mood lighting!

These Boots Are Made for decoratin'

Have an old pair of boots that have been hanging out lonely and out of use for too long? Dye them one of our nations colors and add them to your table setting. The silly and creative idea will leave your guests feeling as if they're at home in the country.

Bottle Cap Wreath

Of course, this craft may be a bit more of a chore if you're not exactly a pop/soda fanatic, but if you have a bunch of bottle caps lying around, why not spray paint them and make them into an adorable and welcoming wreath? Decorate and de-clutter at the same time!

Sparkler Jars

Yet another fun use for mason jars (is there anything they CAN'T do? Put a festive Fourth of July sparkler inside and place on your table, and watch your guests laugh with delight.