Crazy Cakes You Won't Believe Are Real (Slideshow)

Here are 6 sculpted masterpieces that show just how far a cake can go

A Real Cake-Topper

The Chef: April Julian  

Whether you're a shoe or sushi lover, April Julian has proven attention to detail is what separates a good cake from one that belongs in a museum. Her Christian Louboutin creation — made of red velvet cake, cream cheese filling, and toasted almonds — proves that. Consider the striking realism behind the ribbon, paper elements, and shoe itself. Her sushi cake is no different — utilizing white sprinkles for rice and "toasted coconut flakes as a substitute for panko on the 'shrimp' in the dynamite rolls."

The Perfect Meat Substitute?

The Chef: Debbie Does Cakes  

Eating a juicy steak or an In-N-out Double Double are two experiences meat eaters might deem unrivaled in the realm of deliciousness. These cakes, however, might have them rethink things. Debbie Goard, owner of Debbie Does Cakes in San Francisco, has made a living cooking up caked-out replications of foods, among other things. She says her cakes can take anywhere from five to 100 hours to design. I'm guessing that's a lot more time than they take to eat.

What the Good Doctor Ordered

The Chef: Kate Petronis  

When it came to Kate Petronis' daughter's first birthday, the process of baking a cake was anything but a piece of cake. This five-tiered spectacle based on the works of Dr. Seuss ate up seven hours of her life and required her to throw away not one but two "green hams" in the process. But once she finished, the Atlanta-based Petronis had concocted a show-stopper that everyone — including the birthday girl — could appreciate. The Candy Shoppe cake (lower picture) is another example of this stay-at-home mom's many frosting-filled talents.

Two Totally Boss Natural Wonders

The Chef: Buddy Valastro / Carlo’s City Hall Bake Shop  

On the season five premiere of TLC's Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro set out to create a first birthday cake for his son, Carlo at Carlo's City Hall Bake Shop. And not just any cake — the biggest first birthday cake you've probably ever seen. This mountainous masterpiece contained a chocolate river, two gumball machines, infinite lollipops, and overall, one grandiose nod to the great Willy Wonka. His Mount Rushmore cake (which can also be seen this season on Cake Boss) is also no schlub. This one was commissioned by the grandson of the chief carver of Mount Rushmore as a tribute his late grandfather.

For the Love of a Burrito…

The Chef: Duff Goldman / Charm City Cakes  

When it comes to the love of Chipotle, some fans are said to have an insatiable appetite. That's why Ace of Cakes star and Charm City Cakes executive chef Duff Goldman created this beast for a guy's 30th birthday: a sweet Chipotle burrito cake. Not to be outdone is Goldman's sculpted Converse shoes cake. Given as a surprise to a groom, it's a re-creation of a pair of kicks the guy wore all through high school — with rips, stains, dirt, scuffs and all. Pretty detailed. Insanely delicious.

A Real Cake-Topper

The Chef: Clara’s Designer Cakes   

Few cakes come with an actual screwdriver to take apart, but this game changer from Clara's Designer Cakes in Maryland did. Designed as a surprise wedding cake, the foosball players (made entirely of sugar) are decked out in outfits to match the bride and groom — from little wedding dresses down to the guy's ties. Cake creator Clara Gold says the "it took approximately two minutes to come up with the idea for construction, but took 48 hours to complete the cake." The guitar (lower picture) was a gift to one of her favorite recording artists, Charlie Mars. Both cakes are well worth an encore.