This Couple’s Dogs Were Their Maid of Honor and Best Man

These are some real dapper doggos

They say that dogs are a person’s best friend, but what about a person’s best man? For Emma-Leigh and Shane Matthews, their malamute pups were the most honored guests at their wedding.

The couple, who run the pooch-centric Instagram account @lifewithmalamutes, got married in Cumbria, England, last month. And their big, fluffy dogs, Niko and Phil, stood right by their side.

According to the Huffington Post, finding a venue that would accommodate their very special best man and maid of honor was quite the challenge. “Most venues we tried frowned upon dogs as soon as they saw the size of them or had too many rules about where the dogs could and couldn’t go,” Emma-Leigh said. But once they found a venue that approved of their dogs, everything was smooth sailing.

Escorted by two human friends, Phil and Niko successfully walked down the aisle and sat by their caretakers’ sides. Phil even pulled double duty: In addition to being a member of the wedding party, he also captured the nuptials on a Go-Pro attached to his collar.

The malamutes were definitely the stars of the show and even tore it up on the dance floor, mingling with human guests. And who wouldn’t want to boogie with these friendly, furry faces?




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