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The Weekend Gourmet — A Swinging New York Date Night

The Weekend Gourmet started in 2010 as a fun outlet for Texas blogger Wendy to share recipes with family and friends. Since, it has grown beyond her imagination, a fact she owes solely to her readers, and she thrives off her experiences and interactions with the blogging world. In this post, Wendy recounts a "swinging New York date night," complete with the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra and dessert tasting at Per Se.

Hungry Happenings — Chocolate Graduation Cap Boxes

Hungry Happenings is a blog of festive food for special occasions. In this post, Hungry Happenings gets creative for graduation, providing a recipe for a chocolate graduation cap box.

Yumivore — Across the Bridge, to Brooklyn


Yumivore blogs to share a passion for food, as well as to indulge in wine, photography, and "all the yum in life." In this post, Yumivore recalls a Brooklyn pastime, and some foods that fell in the mix.

The Messy Baker — Asparagus and Mushroom Tart with Red Wine Cheddar

The Messy Baker, otherwise known as Charmain Christie, documents every meal, attributes her culinary influences to her mother and Canadian Living Magazine, and looks for "fresh ingredients, well-balanced flavors and nothing too complex" in her recipes, "those and an absence of visceral organs or beets." Here, Charmain provides a recipe for an asparagus and mushroom tart, dressed up with red wine Cheddar. 

Miss… in the Kitchen — Bacon Mocha Milkshake

Miss… in the Kitchen, a wife and mother of three, started her own barbecue sauce business and knows how to cook for the cowboys of the West. Her life in Wyoming is picturesque, but her desire to reach people keeps her writing, cooking, and sharing with the world. Here, she has us salivating for her recipe for a bacon mocha milkshake.