26 Clichés You Shouldn’t Be Ashamed of Using


Clichés are overused, sure — but it’s only because they’re so relatable. A cliche is a phrase or expression that is used so much in conversation, literature, songs, and more, that it’s lost any hint of originality. But you know what else isn’t original? The human condition! And these clichés were meant to apply.

26 Clichés You Shouldn’t Be Ashamed of Using Gallery

When you use a cliché, people tend to know exactly what you mean. These adages have been around for a long, long time. Though they may not be new and exciting lingo, everyone from your best friend to your grandma knows what you’re trying to express when you say, “Don’t cry over spilt milk.” However, someone in your life might have shamed you out of using them — perhaps an English teacher or a screenwriting professor. Clichés can be seen as boring and uncreative, but that’s just because they’ve been around forever.

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The Daily Meal has thought up 26 different clichés that you definitely know or have heard used before but might have stopped using. They’re relatable, they’re easy to remember, and they’re fun to say. Who cares what your ninth grade literature teacher told you when you were penning that essay? Don’t be embarrassed to check out these 26 clichés you shouldn’t be ashamed of using.