This Bride and Groom Totally Redefined Smashing Your Wedding Cake

One Los Angeles couple went for a cake-shaped piñata instead of the tired traditional tiered treat

Most brides and grooms will smash a piece of wedding cake in each other’s faces to kick off their reception. But a newlywed Los Angeles couple turned that tradition on its head by smashing their cake into smithereens. But before you panic at the thought of frosting flying all over the guests, settle down — the “cake” was actually a piñata.

Karen Chan and Clayton Lee tied the knot on May 13 in front of 180 friends and family members, according to Yahoo. And the guests were in for a fun surprise when the wedding cake turned out to be made of papier-mâché instead of pastry.

The bride, who is an editor at the food blog Honestly Yum, detailed why she and her new husband decided to forego the traditional wedding cake — and the reason isn’t all that surprising.

“To be honest, Clay and I are not huge fans of cake! GASP! While we’ll eat it and try cakes at events, there are just so many other desserts we prefer over cake,” Karen wrote on her food blog. “And while it’s a tradition to have cake, we felt a bit rebellious and decided on an alternative cake at our wedding: a piñata cake! We commissioned a local shop, Amazing Piñatas in Los Angeles, to make our custom piñata cake. As you’ll see from our video, their piñatas are built with enough structural integrity requiring a football tackle to break!”

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The bride, the groom, and their guests took turns whacking the piñata, which apparently took quite some time to finally burst. But, once it did, the guests realized what was inside was totally worth the effort. The cake-shaped piñata was filled with little toys, snacks, bubble blowers, and booze-filled chocolates.

And of course, guests didn’t go without dessert at the nuptials. The couple served churros with a drizzle of dulce de leche.