Howard and Beth Stern

Beth Stern: My Husband Howard Stern Doesn't Know How to Make Coffee

She called it ‘heartbreaking’
Howard and Beth Stern

Beth Stern had to instruct her 63-year-old husband, SiriusXM host Howard Stern, how to brew coffee, and she documented the pitiful exchange on Instagram.

Beth Stern Instagrammed a screenshot of a text conversation between herself and husband Howard Stern in which she had to explain how to brew coffee. 

The 45-year-old model and her 63-year-old SiriusXM host husband went back and forth, with the coffee novice making sure to voice that he had completed each step in the not-so-elaborate process of making a pot of java.

The author and former actress found the exchange funny and made sure to share it with the internet during the former America’s Got Talent judge’s show.

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“If you are listening to my husband on @siriusxm,” she captioned the blue and gray text bubbles. “This is the text exchange between us when he didn't know how to make coffee. #smile #heartbreaking,” she wrote, including a broken heart emoji.


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