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Lauren Corona

Never leave a candle burning unsupervised if leaving the house or heading to bed.

Candles can bring a quiet ambience to your home, helping you relax after a long day. Soy candles are made from soybeans, making them an all-natural alternative to paraffin candles at a lower price than beeswax candles. And fortunately, you can find them in a wide range of colors, shapes, sizes, and fragrances to suit your needs.

To learn how to pick a quality soy candle, keep reading this guide. You'll also find some recommendations for our favorites at the end, including our top pick, the Chesapeake Bay Candle Scented Candle, which burns well with a great scent from essential oils.

Considerations when choosing soy candles

Candle type

You can buy all types of soy candles, so it shouldn't be difficult to find the right variety for you. Some of the most popular types of soy candles include taper candles, which are the long, thin candles that fit in a holder; pillar candles, which are large and wide and can stand without a holder; container candles, where wax is poured into a glass or metal container; and tealights, which are small candles that come in their own metal containers.


We'd highly recommend checking the height and diameter of your chosen soy candle before buying. When buying candles online, there's often no frame of reference in the photos, so it's a common complaint that candles are smaller than expected. You can find candles in a huge range of sizes, so you shouldn't have trouble locating one in the size you need -- just pay attention to the listed dimensions.

Burn time

The burn time of a candle is the number of hours it can burn for before getting to the end of the wick. Though you can get a rough idea of how long a candle will last based on its size, it's worth checking the burn time. Remember, though, that this is an average burn time, so you may find your candle burns slightly longer or shorter, depending on a range of factors.



Any soy candles are scented but, of course, you can find unscented options, too. If you choose a scented candle, you may prefer one that gets its scents from natural essential oils rather than having synthetic scents added.


You may find either a cotton or a wooden wick on your soy candle. Larger candles often have several wicks so that they burn more evenly without tunneling.


Depending on the type of candle you choose, its size, and whether you're buying a single candle or a whole pack, you can spend anywhere between around $5 and $50 on soy candles.


Q. How long can you burn soy candles for continuously?

A. Candles affect air quality -- not to a huge degree but enough that you shouldn't be tempted to burn your favorite candles day and night. We'd recommend burning soy candles (or any candles, for that matter) for no more than four to five hours continuously. Though, in general, there isn't a minimum length of time you should burn candles; the very first time you light a new candle, you should let it burn for one hour for each inch of its diameter. This helps avoid future tunneling, allowing the candle to burn evenly.

Q. Why choose soy candles over other materials?

A. Compared to paraffin candles, soy candles have a longer burn time and burn more cleanly. Additionally, if you want a candle that's made from natural materials but prefer to avoid beeswax candles, either for ethical reasons or because of their high cost, soy candles are a great choice.

Soy candles we recommend

Best of the best: Chesapeake Bay's Scented Candle

Our take: High-quality soy candles in a wide range of fragrances, each one designed to evoke a particular mood or feeling.

What we like: Comes in an attractive frosted glass jar with wooden lid. Large size has 70-hour burn time (though smaller options also available).

What we dislike: Some reports of buyers receiving broken candles.

Best bang for your buck: Yuegang's Scented Candle Gift Set

Our take: Each pack contains four candles, each of a different scent, so there are 16 unique scents in total.

What we like: Candles are set into patterned metal tins. Attractive enough to make an excellent gift. Affordably priced.

What we dislike: Small in size. Doesn't last as long as advertised.

Choice 3: Aira's Soy Candle

Our take: These vegan, kosher candles are available in two sizes (8 and 16 ounces) and a whopping 26 scents, including banana-nut bread, tobacco and cedar, and fresh linen.

What we like: Huge range of scents for all preferences. Long burn time -- 60-plus hours for 8-ounce candles and 110-plus hours for 16-ounce candles. Made from organic soy wax.

What we dislike: Some scents are more pleasant than others (though, of course, personal preference comes into play here).

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