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Sian Babish

Depending on the nature of your everyday activities, you might need to invest in more than one type of pregnancy support band. You likely need a different one for exercise than for everyday wear under clothing.

As your baby grows in your belly, you might find the added weight puts a bit of a strain on your lower back, abdomen, or pelvic region. Rest assured you can experience support, relief, and compression with a pregnancy support band.

These flexible, supportive devices wrap around your body to cradle your baby bump. The gentle lift and repositioning is just enough to reduce pressure and tension around your midsection. Most support bands also grow with your belly, so you're able to wear them during all stages of pregnancy.

To learn more about the benefits of pregnancy support bands, take a look at our buying guide, which includes reviews of a few of our favorites at the end. Our top choice, the Gabrialla Elastic Maternity Belt, features a flexible, near full-coverage design that's a popular choice among active moms-to-be.

Considerations when choosing pregnancy support bands

Measuring your belly

To get the most out of your pregnancy support band, make sure you get one that fits well. This begins with measuring your belly correctly, including the circumference of your lower back to the widest part of your belly. Depending on the design, especially ones with strap systems, you might need to measure your hips and above your bump.

How to wear it

Generally speaking, pregnancy support bands cover the bottom part of your bump. Some styles are intended to be worn beneath clothes, so they have a more streamlined design. Others can be worn over clothing and are most comfortable when worn with lightweight fitted garments.

Levels of support

Bands offering minimal support slip on and tend to have thinner, discreet designs. Those with medium support typically utilize a Velcro system and multiple elastic panels. For maximum support, go for bands that offer a strap system as well as a variety of adjustable features.

Ease of care

If you intend to wear your pregnancy support band on a daily basis, invest in more than one, and make sure they're easy to wash. Many bands are machine washable and hang to dry. It's best to wash them separately from other garments, particularly if they have straps and Velcro. Some women wash them in pillowcases or garment bags to prevent tangles in the washing machine.



Pregnancy support bands are made with flexible, breathable materials like nylon, spandex, or cotton. For more comfort, bands can feature mesh panels, wick-away material blends, or have silicone detail to prevent slippage and chafing.


For the most part, you can only find pregnancy support bands in a few colors. Black, white, and nude are common, but not all manufacturers offer bands in these colors. There are a select few pregnancy support bands available in pink as well.


Not all pregnancy support bands have closures, as some are elastic and simply slip over your head. Those with closures, however, usually feature Velcro and buckle systems. A few utilize snaps, but if they're under too much tension, they have a tendency to burst open.


Pregnancy support bands with minimal support cost less than $25. If you're looking for more tension or pressure relief around the abdomen and groin areas, expect to spend closer to $40. For the most support, including those with sophisticated strap systems, you might pay as much as $50 or above.


Q. Will it look weird to wear a pregnancy support band on top of my clothes?

A. Definitely not, and many moms actually ask this question. Think of your pregnancy support band as no different than wearing an ankle brace. It's common to see many styles exposed over clothing. If you're a bit self-conscious, you can always choose a discreet design that's worn beneath clothing.

Q. How do I get all that gunk off the Velcro of my pregnancy support band?

A. A toothbrush is effective at dislodging fibers, dirt, and any other particles that have settled between their tiny loops. It's best to do it when both the toothbrush and band are dry, as it removes the majority of accumulated gunk. The rest should come off in the wash.

Pregnancy support bands we recommend

Best of the best: Gabrialla's Elastic Maternity Belt

Our take: Excellent choice for active moms who enjoy exercising throughout pregnancy.

What we like: Extensive size range. Minimizes back pain and has pockets to accommodate hot and cold packs.

What we dislike: Can feel somewhat restrictive when it comes to bending.

Best bang for your buck: NeoTech Care's Maternity Belt Waist/Back/Abdomen Band

Our take: Double-strap design is effective at relieving back, pelvic, and abdominal pain.

What we like: Available in three colors. Abdominal lift attachment. Closure is secure and easy to operate.

What we dislike: Probably need to undo the whole belt to use the bathroom.

Choice 3: AZMED's Maternity Belt

Our take: Streamlined band is discreet while providing exceptional abdominal support.

What we like: Gentle compression. Helps improve posture. Breathable materials with an easy-on, easy-off design.

What we dislike: Might feel a bit snug later in pregnancy.

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